North Texas Watering Guidelines For Happy Lawns

Is your grass looking a little dry? Texas soil and the many grasses that grow through North Texas lawns can be finicky and may need more or less water depending on the day and grass. The tips below can help you keep your grass in good shape all summer long.


Watering infrequently and for a longer period of time is key for a healthy North Texas lawn, In addition watering early morning or late evening will help reduce the amount of water evaporating and going to waste.


This can depend on your particular area, soil and grass. We have found the best source to find out how much to water is from Texas A&M . Put in your information, and an email or text will be sent on the recommend time to water your yard.


Your yard’s grass type can also affect how much water is necessary for your lawn. Each grass variety has different tolerances for heat and water, so these guidelines are good to keep in mind.

St. Augustine: This is a common choice for yards, but is rather vulnerable to lawn diseases and pests that Texas summers can bring. It requires a lot of water to stay healthy, which can present a problem if you are in an area with restricted water access.

Bermuda: Bermuda grass is great in the sun and is very resistant to drought. It can grow and thrive even with very little watering. If you live in an especially dry region of Texas, Bermuda grass is a solid choice.

Buffalo: This type of grass is very tolerant of droughts, but it will start to brown later in the summer if it isn’t adequately watered. However, since Buffalo grass is native to Texas, it is rather resilient and can survive through the dry summers.

Zoysia: Another drought-resistant grass, Zoysia can also survive without excessive watering. It will often stay lush even in the shade, staying true to its soft and luxurious texture.

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