Drug Residue Testing 

In the United States only 1 in 10 drug labs are ever discovered leaving future buyers at risk. Don't judge a book by its cover! Often times drug dealers and producers use homes in suburban and higher end areas to avoid suspicion of illegal activity.   

Texas does NOT require banks or courts selling a home to disclose that a home was used as a drug house or grow. And landlords are not obligated to inform tenets of a previous drug house or grow and there is not law requiring cleanup.

For every ounce of methamphetamine produced, there are four to five ounces of toxic byproduct

Exposure to chemical residues created from cooking meth alone can cause a wide range of problems, including nervous system and lung disorders. The effects are worse for children and can be delayed for a year or more. Side effects include damage to internal organs such as the liver, thyroid and kidneys. Skin rashes and chronic illness, particularly of the lungs, are also common.

Schedule your testing today with your qualified Level Up Inspector and get the peace of mind every homeowner should have when settling in.

We Test For The Following Substances 










PCP (Phencyclidine, Angel Dust) 



Cocaine Base


And Many More


*Samples taken in various locations and sent for independent lab analyses* 

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